Fraser Island (Part 2)

Last week I was writing about my trip to Fraser Island, which is surely one the nicest place we have here. I ended my post telling you that I had encountered something horrific on Lake McKenzie and then kept you all waiting for over a week. So now that you’re dying to know what I was talking about, let me just say that the last week was very hard insomnia-wise and that I’m trying some new things with CBT (yeah, that thing I was making fun of). I’ve certainly improved my jogging skills and even managed to hate it a little less, but I’m still not seeing any improvement whatsoever when it comes to my sleep, and that’s why I started following a bedtime routine in the past week or so, and that meant not going online or watching TV in the past week, but we’ll discuss that later on.

So back to the island – as I was swimming in the lake a pack of catfish came nearby. I’m guessing they liked my new fit body and had to take a closer look. Problem was that I also got a closer look. I can’t point my finger at the exact reason but how come I’ve never realized how disgusting these things are? Their whiskers are just plain horrific!
As I came out of the water, much to everyone’s laugh, I realized that this was the end for me when it comes for catfish. Lake swimming will never be the same.

That night everyone was very tired and ended up falling asleep just as we finished eating and having a few beer. When I say ‘everyone’ that also includes me! I slept very well throughout the entire the night and as I woke up in the morning I was so stoked about it, that it took me half an hour to realize most of our food had miraculously disappeared.
That’s the price you pay for leaving your food out of your tents, and sleeping like a normal person. Damn dingoes, but we took comfort that it was just food and not a baby…

We didn’t do anything exceptional or different the following day but once again I slept very well. I spent numerous hours trying to figure out how was that possible, as I was struggling with insomnia for several months now. I can only assume it has something to do with the fact that I was spending my time in a very laid back atmosphere, had no electronics around, and when the night came it was certainly dark and there were no distractions. Who would’ve thought that nature was all I needed?

The next morning we headed towards the barge. I am proud to say that the dingoes and us have finished all the food and drinks before leaving, which worked in our favor as we couldn’t drink on the barge.

As we arrived back to our homes that night I was feeling excited that I could finally get a decent sleep after all these months, only to realize that what happens on the island stays on the island. My insomnia was just waiting the whole time for my home arrival. What a bitch.

So now you realize why I started CBT, seriously this time (someone on Reddit didn’t find my first CBT experiment funny). So this means I won’t be posting during the nights anymore, but no worries – I can make some time during work hours!


Your life is a reflection of how you sleep, and how you sleep is a reflection of your life
Dr. Rafael Pelayo (So that means I have no life?)


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